Justice and Security Sector Committee Woodworking, Paper and Paper Products Sector Committee Information Technologies Sector Committee
Glazing, Cement and Soil Sector Committee Environment Sector Committee Education Sector Committee
Electric and Electronics Sector Committee Energy Sector Committee Finance Sector Committee
Food Sector Committee Construction Sector Committee Business and Management Sector Committee
Chemistry, Petrolium, Rubber and Plastic Sector Committee Culture, Art and Design Sector Committee Mining Sector Committee
Machine Sector Committee Press, Communication and Publishing Sector Committee Metal Sector Committee
Automotive Sector Committee Health and Social Services Sector Committee Sports and Recreation Sector Committee
Agriculture, Hunting and Fishery Sector Committee Textile, Ready-made Clothing and Leather Sector Committee Trade Sector Committee
Social and Personal Services Sector Committee Tourism, Accomodation and Catering Sector Committee Transportation, Logistics and Communication Sector Committee


These are committees with a tri-partite structure that review the drafts and make suggestions for the verification of NOSs and NQs developed by the organizations assigned by VQA, as well as build opinions to be presented to the Executive Board. Sector commitees consist of one representative from the following institutions and establishments:


Ø Ministry of Labor and Social Services

Ø Ministry of National Education

Ø Council of Higher Education

Ø Other related ministries

Ø Professional,employer and employee organizations represented in the General Assembly



The representatives who take part in the Sector Commitees are determined by the above-mentioned institutions and establishments. It is essential that, the representatives with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills that the sector and the occupations require, be chosen. The tenure of the members of the sector commitee is three years and they may be rechosen at the end of this period. Faculty members from the related departments of universities may be invited to the commitees as advisors. Experts or representatives from the organizations that are not universites and are related to the occupations may be invited to the meetings as well.


These Sector Commitees shall have the following duties:


Ø Make suggestions on the preparation, updating and improvement of occupational standards and qualifications.

Ø Provide opinions on the templates for occupational standards and qualifications.

Ø Review the drafts of occupational standards and qualifications in terms of format and content, make evaluations and provide opinions.

Ø Report this to VQA, when a technical research, for providing comments on the draft occupational standards and qualifications, is required on the site where the occupation is practiced; and perform on-site technical research found appropriate by VQA.

Ø Perform other tasks related to occupational standards and qualifications as per the requests of VQA