VQA Vocational Qualification Certificates, which are the key to employment, are issued by Authorized Certification Bodies accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency in the EN ISO / IEC 17024 Personnel Certification Standard and approved by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) for compliance with the VQA legislation and the national qualification system. These are documents issued for individuals who are successful as a result of theory and performance tests and assessment activities carried out according to the principles defined in the national qualifications within the scope of their competence and showing that the individual has acquired the learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competence) specified in the national qualification.

All VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate tests, which are carried out theoretically and practically based on national occupational standards and within the principles defined in national qualifications, are recorded in accordance with the Camera Recording Guide published by the Authority and everything related to the test are monitored on the electronic platform via the VQA Web Portal.

VQA Vocational Qualification Certificates are issued in a single format approved by VQA in terms of content and visuality. On the back of the documents, there is a hologram label containing the VQA logo and a QR code barcode that provides verification of documents in order to ensure security and prevent counterfeiting. When the QR code barcodes are scanned, the information of the qualification certificate of each document / identity holder can be verified through the VQA Web Portal.

VQA Vocational Qualification Certificates, which have become the driver's license of the qualified and certified labor force in the working life of our country and have international accreditation, can be issued in Turkish-English in two languages in all professions since 2019, showing that it is a respected certificate in facilitating the participation of professionals in the international labor force. With the newly designed bilingual documents, our citizens' search for jobs and careers abroad is facilitated.

In addition to Turkish-English, it is possible to issue the certificate in languages such as Turkish-German, Turkish-French, Turkish-Spanish, Turkish-Russian and Turkish-Arabic according to the preference of the candidates.

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