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Individuals who want to certify their vocational qualification according to the national qualifications published by VQA can apply to the certification bodies (ACBs) authorized in the relevant qualification to obtain a VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate. (The testing and certification processes of the candidates are carried out by the ACBs and the details of the process are determined by the ACBs and inform the candidates. The ACB which receives the application, evaluates the testing and certification applications according to the application requirements in this qualification.

Candidates whose applications are deemed eligible are evaluated according to the testing and/or other assessment methods in accordance with the principles of the national qualification they apply to. As a result of the evaluation, the successful individuals are entitled to obtain a VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate.

There is mandatory certification in 183 occupations, in 40 occupations with the first communiqué issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services on 25/05/2015, in 8 occupations with the second communiqué issued on 24/03/2016, in 33 occupations with the third communiqué issued on 26/09/2017, in 36 occupations with the fourth communiqué issued on 11/11/2018, , in 26 occupations with the fifth communiqué issued on 03/10/2019, and in 40 professions in the sixth communiqué published on 9/4/2021, Twelve months following the publication date of the sixth communiqué for 40 professions (as of 09/04/2022), individuals without a VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate will not be employed.