Completed Projects Turkish Qualifications Database Project (2017-2018)
Turkish Qualifications Database Project (2017-2018)

Turkish Qualifications Database 2014-2016 Project, which was carried out under Erasmus+ Program, was successfully completed. A new project was designed and adopted for the improvement and development of the database, the preparation of the infrastructure for the integration of the database portal with EU portals, and the transfer of all qualifications prepared according to the appropriate criteria throughout the country to the database portal.

The budget of the Turkish Qualifications Database Project 2017-2018, which was started in January 2017, was 79.200 . 59.400 (75%) of the total budget was covered by the EU Commission as an EU contribution, and €19,800 (25%) was covered by VQA as a national contribution.

With the project which was completed at the end of 2018, it was aimed that;

Under the responsibility of different institutions and organizations in Turkey, all different types of qualifications prepared according to the quality assured learning outcomes approach would be transferred to the database portal.

Information on the qualifications would be made available via the Internet and searched in English.

The qualification data prepared by public and foundation universities in the appropriate format would be transferred to the portal.

The technical infrastructure of the database would be prepared for the integration of the qualifications database portal, which includes quality assured qualification to the European Skills, Qualifications and Occupations Classification (ESCO) and Learning Opportunities and Qualifications Portal (LOQ).

All qualifications in the database portal would be added to the Turkish Qualifications Framework, which is referenced with the European Qualifications Framework.

Upon completion of the project, qualifications across the EU would be transparent, comparable and accessible, thus easier for the individuals to find jobs in line with their own competencies and their mobility at home and throughout the EU would be facilitated.

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