The Scope of TQF
The Scope of TQF


TQF, as an integrated single structure that provides for the classification of qualifications in Turkey, was designed to cover all qualifications that were gained through quality-assured educational programs including primary, secondary and higher levels along with other ways of learning.

In other words, TQF was designed to cover all qualifications gained through independent or experience-based individual learning in workplaces or other environments of informal and non-formal learning in addition to formal learning defined at every level. It also allows the development of qualifications that will make the proper recognition of learning outcomes of people with special needs possible.

TQF includes in the first place the qualifications under the authorization and responsibility of Ministry of National Education, under the responsibility of Vocational Qualifications Authority (within the context of law no 5544), education and training qualifications under the responsibility of Higher Education institutions and other responsible institutions. Many qualifications, which now exist and will be needed in the labour market of our country in the future, will be added to TQF.

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