The Management Structure of TQF
The Management Structure of Turkish Qualifications Framework

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The process of creation, development and keeping the validity of Turkish Qualifications Framework (TQF) is conducted by the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) as per the article 23/A of the Law no. 5544.

VQA conducts the whole process of the development and implementation of TQF, in line with the provisions of the Regulation on the principles and procedures for the implementation of Turkish Qaulifications Framework (which was put into force with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and published in the Official Gazette dated November 19,2015 and no. 29537) and in cooperation with the public institutions (the Ministry of National Education, Council of Higher Education being in the first place), employer and worker unions, professional organizations, and related non-governmental organizations.

With the mentioned Regulation, the formation of units of advise, decision and implementation namely the TQF Coordination Committee, TQF Commitee and TQF Council has been ensured in order for the activites related to TQF be conducted by establising effective connections between organizations responsible for the qualifications..

Turkish Qualifications Framework Coordination Council

The TQF Coordination Council, which comprises the Deputy Undersecretary of Ministry of National Education, the President of Council of Higher Education or his deputy, and the President of VQA, is the high rank authority of decision for TQF.

The TQF Coordination Council is responsible for the monitoring of TQF implementations and their assessment, the cooperation between responsible organizations, and the coordination of national and international negotiations towards TQF.

Turkish Qualifications Framework Council

The Turkish Qualifications Framework Council is responsible for conducting all the technical work about TQF and presenting these to the TQF Coordination Council. The TQF Council was established under the coordination of Vocational Qualifications Authority.

and on the first committee meeting realized on March 01, 2016 Tuesday, Deputy Undersecretary Ass. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Hilmi ÇOLAKOĞLU who is the representative of Ministry of National Education was elected for commitee presidency and the representative of Confederation of Turkish Worker Associations Enis BAGDADİOĞLU for vice president by unanimous vote.

Below is the representative list of TQF Council.


The List of Representatives



Name of the Representative

Name of the Institution


 Prof. Dr. Kemal Varın NUMANOĞLU  Ministry of National Education General Director for Vocational and Technical Education General Directorate

Mehmet Fatih LEBLEBİCİ

 Ministry of National Education

Head of Strategy Development

Mehmet Nezir GÜL

Ministry of National Education

General Director for Life-Long Learning

Muammer YILDIZ

Ministry of National Education

General Director for Private Education Institutions

Ahmet Emre BİLGİLİ

Ministry of National Education

General Director for Private Education and Guidance Services

Prof. Dr. Ömer AÇIKGÖZ

Council of Higher Education

Member of the Executive Commitee

Prof. Dr. Orhan AYDIN

Council of Higher Education

Rector of Tarsus University

Prof. Dr. Sibel Aksu YILDIRIM

Higher Education Quality Council

Vice President

Prof. Dr. İlker Murat AR

Higher Education Quality Council

Member of Council


Vocational Qualifications Authority

Vice President


Vocational Qualifications Authority

Head of Testing and Certification Department

Osman Seçkin AKBIYIK

Vocational Qualifications Authority

Head of Turkish Qualifications Framework Department


The Union Of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Of Turkey


Atakan ÇELİK

Confederation Of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK)

D. Director for Education and Planning


Turkish Confederation Of Employer Associations (TİSK)

Metal Industrialists Union (MESS) Secretary General


Confederation of Workers' Trade Unions (TÜRK-İŞ)


Rıdvan GÜNAY

Hak Confederation of Worker Associations (HAK-İŞ)

HAK-İŞ MEYEB Operating Manager

Tevfik GÜNEŞ

Confederation Of Progressive Trade Unions Of Turkey (DİSK)

Director of Education, Worker Health And Occupational Safety Department

Nevzat ÖYLEK

Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (MEMUR-SEN)

Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (MEMUR-SEN)


Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions (Türkiye Kamu-Sen)

Çankaya Public Education Center Assistant Director


Confederation of Public Labourer’s Union (KESK)



Higher Education Institutions National Student Council



Formulating action plans regarding the implementation of TQF, the preperation of all principles and procedures defined in the Regulation on principles and procedures for the implementation of TQF and their presentation to the TQF Coordination Committee are among the primary responsibilities of the TQF Committee.

TQF Consultation Committee

The Turkish Qualifications Framework Consultation Council is a negotiation platform with broad participation in which the related stakeholders are represented in order to evaluate the issues regarding the TQF and present their view; and is planned to come together at least once a year. The members of the TQF Consultation Council are determined by the TQF Coordination Council. in line with the Regulation on the methods and procedures for the implementation of the Turkish Qualifications Framework, following the suggestion of the TQF Council.

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