Description and Content of National Qualifications
The Description and Content of a National Qualification

National qualifications are technical documents:

  • which are prepared based on national or international standards
  • which are used for the purpose of learning, evaluation and assessment
  • which explain the knowledge, skills and competence individuals must have in order to successfully practise their jobs, the process of how these are evaluated and assessed.
  • which are put into force with the approval of VQA.

The process of evaluation and assessment compatible with national qualifications is conducted by the certification bodies authorized by VQA. The successful candidates are given the VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate as a result of these tests.

National qualifications are composed of qualification units and learning outcomes.

Qualification unit: is the transferable qualification part which takes place in national qualifications as compulsary or selective and can be evaluated independently.

Learning outcome: is the knowledge, skills and competence that an individual acquires after a learning process (formal, non-formal and informal) is completed.



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